Does Amazon Sell Your Personal Information?

There are currently 150 million paid Amazon Prime subscribers, a 50% increase from April 2018. As Amazon continues to grow in popularity, more people are starting to ask the question, “does Amazon sell your personal information?” The short answer is: no, it doesn’t. The long answer is a bit more complicated.  While Amazon doesn’t routinely […]

Consumer Attitudes on Data Privacy: Shifting sentiment toward Big Tech.

At the end of July 2020, multinational consulting services firm KPMG Advisory released a new data privacy study, outlining results of a May 2020 poll on consumer attitudes on data privacy.  Some specific details are interesting, but the key conclusions are things we’ve seen reiterated many times before: “…Consumers overwhelmingly agree that data privacy is […]

Top 12 Online Security Threats

Most people rarely think about the top online security threats when they browse the internet. After all, if you have good antivirus software and are careful about what you click on, the chances that you’re going to get hacked or be taken advantage of by bad actors must be slim, right?  Not so. Even if […]

Guide to Juror Privacy

Being chosen to be a juror is no joke which is why we created this Guide to Juror Privacy. For the duration of a trial, jurors’ normal lives are disrupted. Instead of going to work and spending time with their family and friends, jurors must spend hours in the jury pool room, sit in the […]

Top 12 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe Online

There’s no way around it: the internet is an increasingly dangerous place. According to one study, the average internet-connected computer is attacked by hackers every 39 seconds. Yet most of us use the internet, whether for work or pleasure or both, for hours every single day. It’s important that you know the best ways to […]

What Is Your Digital Footprint?

You’ve probably heard the saying, “what happens on the internet stays on the internet.” However, most people don’t realize that they don’t need to run a blog, post on social media, or participate in forums for their personal information to appear online. Even without posting online, most people are still creating a vulnerable digital treasure […]

Tax-Day 2020 Reality-Check: Will filing your taxes online share your personal info with data brokers?

Are you planning on filing your taxes online? Complaints about the tax-prep industry have existed for decades. For years they’ve lobbied successfully against development of direct electronic tax-return filing, or ‘return-free filing’-processes, either of which could potentially decimate their industry.  The average person’s IRS returns are simply not that complicated, yet millions of people still […]

SCOTUS Robocall Ruling: Challenge to 1991 TCPA Averted

On Monday, July 6th, 2020, the Supreme Court upheld and strengthened a pre-existing 1991 Robocall Ruling, banning Robocalls on cell phones. The challenge to the law was made by political-consultant organizations who noted that the law contained an unconstitutional exception for government debt collection, while continuing to ban other forms of speech (e.g. like polling, […]

Best Companies and Tools to Remove Personal Information From the Internet

The internet knows far more about you than you might think. From your age and marital status to how many bathrooms your house has, a scary amount of your personal information is available to other people online. There is a simple reason why so much of your personal information is on the internet — your […]

Can You Block Your Name From Being Searched On Google?

Let’s go straight to the bad news.  It’s virtually impossible to block your name from being searched online. The better news is that you can control the results people get when they search your name on Google. With a little diligence, it’s possible to take back some element of control over your identity on the […]