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How to Write a Letter to Get Yourself off Mailing Lists

June 19, 2022

Even if you’ve opted-out of receiving marketing mail, you might continue to receive unwanted junk mail.

To stop getting junk mail, you can write a letter to a company in question to remove yourself from their mailing list. 

The goal of a mailing list removal letter is to issue a formal complaint that can stop both junk mail and spam calls. Below is a series of simple steps to help you write a letter to remove you from any mailing list.

1. Company Information

First and foremost, you need to find the mailing address for the company in question. Provide that information in the following format at the top of the letter. For example: 


Organization Name

Street Number and Address

City, State Zip Code

2. Introduction

While you might be frustrated with receiving junk mail, the best way to approach the request is to be stern but polite.

To open a mailing list removal letter, state very clearly that you want to be removed from the mailing list. You’ll need to provide your personal information, like name and address, so the marketers will know who they need to remove. 

You can also request a mailing list removal on behalf of family members living with you in your household. For example: 

Dear Sir/Madam, 

This is a request that my personal information is removed from all of your mailing lists for unsolicited mail. I would like my name and address removed, effective immediately. 

You are currently sending unsolicited mail to: [insert name, address, and zip code].

I’m also requesting that you remove from your mailing list all other individuals living at this address. 

3. Body

After clearly stating your request to remove your personal information from the mailing list, go into a little more detail. 

We suggest you provide a brief explanation about why you want to be removed from the mailing list. Also, request information about any further steps you need to complete. 

I am not interested in receiving offers about this service. The mail that you send to me will not be read and I find it very wasteful. 

Please inform me promptly if I need to take any further action in order to remove my personal information from your mailing list. 

Additionally, provide information about how to contact you to confirm the removal request. But be mindful about giving away extra information, such as your personal phone number. 

I can be reached at the address listed above. I would like to receive confirmation that my mailing list removal has been completed. 

4. Closing

Remember, maintain a professional tone throughout your correspondence. Sign off the letter with your name. Once again, provide your contact information clearly just to be sure. 

I appreciate your help with this mailing list removal request. 

Kind regards, 



5. Follow Up

Your follow-up to a mailing list removal letter can vary depending on the company in question. For instance, some companies might post how long it takes for them to respond online.

We suggest you wait between 4 to 6 weeks for the removal request to be processed before taking further action. You should expect a response within that time frame. 

If the company in question has your email address or telephone number, they might also try to contact you that way instead. 

Further action you can take for mailing list removal

If you haven’t received a response after 6 weeks, try to contact the company by phone. This way you can check if they’ve received your removal letter and plan to take action on it. 

For more assurance, you can try and remove your details from mailing lists in bulk by registering at the DMAchoice website. You pay $2 for ten years of coverage, and you can request the type of marketing you want to be opted out of. 

You can take it another step, however, by opting out of data-broker platforms. It’s the only way to truly take control of your personal information before it’s shared with third-party marketers. 

Unfortunately, this process is time consuming. 
But if you want to take brokers head on, sign up for DeleteMe. Our specialists focus on removing your personal data from 50+ data-broker sites on your behalf. We locate your information and conduct opt out requests for as little as $10.95 a month.

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