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How to Stop Chase Bank Junk Mail

June 14, 2022

Many banking customers have asked us to help them stop the junk mail they get from Chase. It seems Chase is prolific when it comes to sending promotional mail likely headed for the trash. 

The good thing is that opting out of direct mail from Chase is very easy. What’s more, there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure you stop receiving junk mail once and for all. 

Opt out of the Chase mailing list  

Chase sends customers correspondence regarding accounts, like billing information. But they also send junk mail to customers and non-customers. This junk mail varies, from pre-approved credit card offers, to promotions, insurance offers, or marketing material.

If you are a Chase customer and want all account correspondence to be paperless, there are details to set that preference here. But that won’t stop Chase junk mail. 

To opt out of Chase Bank direct mail entirely, you need to contact Chase over the phone and formally ask them to remove you from the Chase mailing list. 

  • Call 1-888-868-8618 and follow the steps provided to remove your personal information from the Chase mailing list. Calling this number also instructs credit bureaus to not share your information with credit card companies such as Chase. 
  • As a Chase customer, you can also log in to your account profile and reset your privacy preferences. This will limit what personal information is used for marketing. 
  • In addition, you can turn off your email and phone alerts on the “Profile & Settings” page of your Chase mobile app. 
  • Finally, click the “Stop Using All Alerts” option at the bottom of the page to reduce any further junk email or spam calls.
chase bank webpage

When the Chase opt-out request takes effect

Chase doesn’t specify how long the opt-out process lasts before it officially takes effect. However, in our experience, the average timespan is usually around 30 days. 

In other words, you can still receive Chase junk mail even after you’ve processed an opt-out request for about a month.  

If you still receive Chase junk mail after opting out

If you’ve opted out and it’s been over 30 days, and you are still receiving junk mail from Chase, there are a few solutions. 

  • Try and send unwanted mail back to Chase. If there is a return address on the junk mail, write “Refused: Return To Sender” on the front and put it back in the mailbox.
  • You also have the right to make a formal complaint. Call Chase at 1-800-935-9935 and speak to their customer service team. You can also tweet them at @ChaseSupport.
  • Request to stop pre-approved credit card offers from all providers by using, a service by the “Big Four” credit bureaus. This method also protects your data from being sold to credit card issuers. 

How to make sure your details stay off Chase’s mailing list

First of all, as a rule, be sure to refuse any consent to receive any Chase marketing whenever you interact with Chase Bank in any way in the future. 

However, this alone won’t always stop the junk mail, and that’s because financial institutions like Chase work with third-party data brokers

To stop receiving junk mail for good—not just from Chase but from other banks and companies as well—you need to remove your information from these data-broker platforms. 

But completing this manually can be very time consuming. 

A more effective solution is for DeleteMe to do it for you. We specialize in removing personal data from data broker platforms for as little as $10.75 per month. When you start using our services, you’ll see a huge reduction in the amount of junk mail and spam calls you receive. 
Click here to find out more about how DeleteMe can help.

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