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Delete Your Account Series

How to Delete Your Live Account

To delete your account, follow the process below. After a waiting period, your account will be deleted permanently.

Speed: 3 Difficulty: 3

Walkthrough to Delete Your Live Account

Delete your Live account in 10 easy steps.

1. Access the Live website

You can access the Live website by clicking on the following URL:

Microsoft Outlook website

2. Log in

Log in to your account.

Microsoft Outlook log in

3. Go to your profile

In the upper right corner, click on your photo or the icon containing your initials to access “My profile.”

Microsoft profile option

4. Under Account info, click “Close account”

Scroll down to the “Account info” section.

Click the “Close account” link.

Microsoft account info - "Close account" option

5. Click “Continue”

You will be redirected to another page belonging to Microsoft’s technical support.

Scroll down and click the “Continue” button.

Steps for closing Microsoft account

6. Click “Continue with closing your account?”

You will be redirected to another page.

Scroll down again and click the “Continue with closing your account?” button to proceed to the next step.

Continue with closing Microsoft account

7. Click “Yes, close my account”

You will now see information related to closing your account.

Click “Yes, Close my account.”

Yes, close my account page - Microsoft

8. Click “Close your account”

You will now see the final steps for closing your account, along with a link to do so. Carefully read through these steps to close your account permanently.

Click “Close your account” to proceed to the next steps.

You can also access the deletion link directly using the following URL:

Steps for closing Microsoft account page

9. Make sure your account​ is ready to close and click “Next”

You will be informed about the services you won’t be able to access after closing your account.

Choose the number of days you want as a grace period in case you change your mind about closing your account. During that time, you can log in to cancel the process.

Then, click “Next.”

Make sure your Microsoft account is ready to close

10. Click “Mark your account for closure”

Check all the boxes to confirm your understanding of the consequences of closing your account.

Select the reason for closing your account from the dropdown menu.

Click “Mark account for closure” to complete the account closure process.

Mark your Microsoft account for closure

Congratulations! You have now successfully deleted your account! 

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