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How to Avoid Wells Fargo Text Scams [2022]

July 7, 2022
Given the recent rise in scam texts and phishing, it’s important to know what to look for in case you too receive a suspicious text from an institution like Wells Fargo that could be a scam. While Wells Fargo is a leading financial institution…

How to Block Unwanted Group Text Messages

July 6, 2022
Group texting allows you to remain in contact with multiple people at one time. However, like any other communication tool, it can be abused.  The result can be spam texts and phishing scams via group messaging.  If you’ve been su…

How to Stop State Farm Junk Mail

July 4, 2022
Recently, many of our customers have asked us to help them stop receiving junk mail from the U.S.-based mutual insurance group, State Farm.  There’s nothing more frustrating than a mailbox clogged with unwanted spam. Luckily, State Farm p…

Opt Out of American Express Junk Mail

July 3, 2022
Banks like American Express send out a lot of junk mail to both customers and non-customers that can clog up a mailbox and make you frustrated.  Luckily, you can rest easy knowing that there’s a simple opt-out process available which will…

Remove Yourself from Comcast’s Mailing List

July 2, 2022
A lot of our customers have expressed frustration with Comcast for sending them a barrage of unnecessary and unwanted junk mail.  The telecommunications company, parent to Xfinity, is known to inundate U.S. mailboxes with marketing and pr…

How to End WhatsApp Spam Messages

July 1, 2022
With more than two billion users across 180 countries, WhatsApp has proven itself a hugely popular platform all over the world.  However, like any modern form of digital communication, using WhatsApp means there’s a chance you’ll come acr…

Put a Stop to Verizon Spam Text Messages [2022]

June 30, 2022
In our increasingly digital age, scam texts and phishing scams pose a significant threat to us all. Unfortunately, spam text messages are also on the rise, which means it’s even more important than ever to protect your personal information.&nb…

How to Opt Out of Boden Catalog Mailings Quickly

June 30, 2022
Clothing retailer Boden is known to send frequent mailings to U.S. households, including marketing material and catalogs.  As a result of the unwanted junk mail, many of our customers have asked us how they can unsubscribe from Boden’s ma…

How to Stop Receiving Mail from Xfinity 

June 30, 2022
Xfinity is a cable and Internet provider. While customers may receive genuine correspondence related to their accounts, many individuals and households report just receiving junk mail.  This marketing information from Xfinity can include …

How to Opt Out of RetailMeNot Mailings

June 29, 2022
Coupon companies like RetailMeNot often bombard home addresses with lots of junk mail. A number of our customers want to know how to stop this unwanted mail.  Fortunately, RetailMeNot will unsubscribe you from their mailing list if you as…

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Over 575 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5

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