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Apollo Opt Out Guide

August 4, 2020

To opt out of Apollo, follow our Apollo opt-out guide below. 

Apollo is a data broker that sells itself as an alternative to B2B data brokers like ZoomInfo, Lusha, and Clearbit. According to Apollo’s site, it is the “world’s largest, most accurate B2B database of 275+ million contacts.” 

Anyone can find your professional information through Apollo, including your full name, title, employment history, email address, phone number, and location. 

Having your personal data accessible through data brokers like Apollo can increase how much spam you get. 

As Apollo writes in its privacy policy: “By remaining in our database, you may be contacted by our Customers when they are conducting their business-to-business sales and marketing activities. Communications you receive from our Customers may be relevant to your profession or employment role, but we cannot guarantee that you will find such communications to be relevant or of interest to you.” 

Leaked cybercriminal chat records show that B2B databases are also used to find targets for spear phishing and contacts to “name drop.” 

Use our step-by-step guide below to opt out of Apollo. 

DeleteMe’s Opt Out Review

To remove your listing from, you must complete the deletion process. After completing the process, your listing should be removed within 72 hours.

Speed: 2 Difficulty: 2 Listing Removal Walkthrough

Opt out from in 5 easy steps.

1. Search for your profile on a search engine 

To locate your profile, you will need to perform a Google search, as does not display profiles unless you have an active subscription.

Go to and enter the following in the search field: site: (your name) (your current or former employer). For example, a search for Jane Doe, that works for Acme, would look like this: Jane Doe Acme.

Review the search results to identify the profile that matches your information. 

Once you find a profile that matches your information, click the search result to open the profile. profile google search

2. Verify your information

Once the listing is opened, verify that the profile matches your personal information. profile

3. Click “Do Not Sell My Info”

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Do Not Sell My Info.” footer - "Do Not Sell My Info" link

4. Enter your business email address

Enter the business email address associated with your profile.  

Only the email address reflected on your profile will be accepted by opt out form - work email will send you a verification link to the email address used in the previous step. 

Click the link included in your email to proceed to the verification process. email with opt out verification link

After you have completed the verification process, should remove your profile within 72 hours.

Who Else Is Selling Your Info? 

You’ve completed your opt-out, but Apollo isn’t the only data broker selling your personal data on the internet. Learn more about data brokers and people search sites in our data broker guide

Go to our data broker opt-out guide to see what other data brokers and people search sites you should remove your information from. Our guides include:

Alternatively, subscribe to DeleteMe to have privacy experts remove your personal details from these and other data brokers continuously. 

Apollo Opt Out FAQs

Here are some common questions that people have about Apollo.

What is is a B2B data broker with a database of over 281 million people and 70 million companies. 

Apollo users can find individuals using filters like job changes, technologies used, and even what individuals are researching online (through the buying intent filter). also has a Chrome extension that lets people find your information (like your phone number and email address) while on your LinkedIn profile. 

Apollo users can save contacts and set up sequences of emails, phone calls, and LinkedIn touches directly in the platform. 

How did get my information?

Like any other data broker, gets most of its information from public sources (such as public APIs, social media, etc.) 

Why am I on 

Because your personal data is publicly available. 

As is the case with all data brokers, Apollo’s business model involves collecting publicly available data from various sources, compiling this data into detailed profiles, and then selling these profiles to almost anyone who wants them. 

Apollo’s customers are primarily advertisers but leaked chats confirm that cybercriminal groups also use B2B data brokers to plan and carry out cyber attacks. 

Who owns

Tim Zheng owns He previously founded BrainGenie, a math and science practice site. 

Yes. What does is perfectly legal because the data it collects and sells is already in the public domain. 

There is no federal law in the US at this time regulating data brokers.

However, some states have passed laws that make it easier for individuals to remove themselves from data broker databases. 

Is legit? is legit in that it does in fact provide professionals’ information, making it easier to find leads. However, as with any broker, the accuracy of the available data can vary. 

How do I contact 

For privacy queries, you can email Apollo at

To submit a data request, email at 

You can also get in touch with at the following address: ZenLeads Inc., 440 N Barranca Ave #4750, Covina, CA 91723-1722.

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