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PeekYou Opt Out Guide

September 12, 2018

To opt out of PeekYou, follow our PeekYou opt-out guide below. 

PeekYou is a people search site. It collects and publishes people’s personal information on its website, including names, locations, ages, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, arrest records, social media links, and more. 

Use our step-by-step guide below to opt out of PeekYou.

DeleteMe’s PeekYou Opt-Out Review

To remove yourself from PeekYou, you need to fill out an opt-out form. After that, it may take up to 15 days for your information to be removed.

Speed: 5 Difficulty: 3

Peekyou Listing Removal Walkthrough

Opt out from PeekYou in 7 steps.

1. Access the PeekYou website

Go to the PeekYou website. 

You can access the PeekYou website by clicking the following URL:

PeekYou homepage

2. Search for your profile

Select “People Search.” 

Enter your first name and last name, and select your state.

Click the magnifying glass icon to start your search.

PeekYou search

3. Select your profile

You will see a list of results. 

Locate your profile and click your name to open it.

PeekYou search results

4. Copy your profile URL

Copy and save your profile URL, as it will be required in further steps of the opt-out process. 

PeekYou profile URL

Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Click the “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link in the footer to access the opt-out form. 

You can also access the opt-out form by clicking the following URL:

PeekYou footer

6. Fill out the form

Complete the form using the information displayed in your PeekYou profile. 

Enter your first name, last name, and email address (we recommend using a temporary email address). Enter your email address again. 

Enter your city and select the state. 

PeekYou opt out form

The ‘Unique ID’ is the final number in your profile URL.

PeekYou unique ID

Paste your PeekYou profile URL. 

Click the mandatory checkboxes

Complete the captcha.

Click the “Submit” button.  

PeekYou opt out form

PeekYou will send you a confirmation email. 

PeekYou message about a confirmation email

Go to the inbox of the email you used to complete the opt-out and find the email from PeekYou. 

Click the confirmation link within the email. 

PeekYou confirmation email

Congratulations, you have successfully completed a opt-out!

PeekYou request verification

Who Else Is Selling Your Info? 

You’ve completed your PeekYou opt-out, but PeekYou isn’t the only data broker selling your personal data on the internet. Learn more about data brokers and people search sites in our data broker guide

Go to our data broker opt-out guide to see what other data brokers and people search sites you should remove your information from. Our guides include:

Alternatively, subscribe to DeleteMe to have privacy experts remove your personal details from these and other data brokers continuously. 

PeekYou Opt Out FAQs

Here are some common questions that people have about PeekYou.

What is PeekYou?

PeekYou is a people search site that collects people’s personal information from various sources and publishes it in a collated form. 

A typical PeekYou profile includes the following data:

  • Full name.
  • Age.
  • Location.
  • Emails.
  • Social media links.

PeekYou also partners with other people search sites like Instant Checkmate to provide additional information about individuals. 

Is PeekYou a dating site?

No, PeekYou is not a dating site; it’s a people search site. Anyone can use PeekYou to find your personal information, like location or email address. 

Is PeekYou safe?

Using PeekYou is safe, but having your personal information displayed on this site (or any other people search site, for that matter) can increase your risk of identity theft, harassment, stalking, doxxing, scams, and other unwanted behaviors. 

What is PeekYou and why am I on it?

PeekYou is a people search site. The reason you’re on it is because its business model is collecting people’s personal information from various sources online and then posting this data on its own website. 

Is Peek You free?

PeekYou provides some information for free, like your name, age, location, email address, and social media links. For additional data, like potential arrest records, it redirects you to one of its partners that charges money for reports. 

What is PeekYou used for?

According to PeekYou, it can be used to:

  • Find contact information.
  • Reconnect with friends.
  • Find classmates.
  • Find family. 

However, people search sites like PeekYou can also be used by scammers, criminals, and stalkers looking for more data about you. 

Does PeekYou notify?

No, PeekYou doesn’t notify you when someone looks you up on its website. 

Will someone know if I look them up on PeekYou?

No, PeekYou doesn’t let the person you looked up know that someone searched for them on the PeekYou site. This also means someone could look you up on PeekYou, and you would never know. 

How do I remove myself from PeekYou?

To remove yourself from PeekYou, you need to fill out an online opt-out form and verify your request over email. For step-by-step instructions on how to remove yourself from PeekYou, follow our PeekYou opt-out guide. 

Yes, PeekYou is legal. That’s because the data it collects is considered “public records.” Currently, there is no federal law in the US regulating data brokers. 

Is PeekYou legit?

Yes, PeekYou is legit in that it actually provides personal information about people. However, the accuracy of this data can vary hugely. 

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