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How to Remove Yourself from Melissa Data

DeleteMe’s Melissa Data Review

MelissaData is a data broker that offers many data services, including a email marketing and direct mail. To remove yourself from their marketing lists, you must make separate direct requests over email or paper mail. Your requests will be processed 30 days or more.

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How to Remove Yourself from Melissa Data

Opting Out of Email Marketing

1. To opt out of or change your newsletter subscriptions, visit Melissa newsletter subscription page at www.melissa.com/resources/newsletters.html.

2. To opt out of all email marketing messages from Melissa, you must send an email to unsubscribe@melissa.com from the email address that they have on file. Clearly state in your email, “Unsubscribe me from all Melissa email marketing.”

Opting Out of Direct Mail Marketing

1. You can contact Melissa by calling at 1-800-635-4772,

2. or send your complete name (including any name variations), mailing address, complete telephone number (including area code) and email address to optout@melissa.com,

3. or send the information mentioned in #2 to:

Melissa Corporation
Attn: Opt-out Service
22382 Avenida Empresa
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688-2112

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