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Advanced Background Checks Opt Out Guide

December 5, 2023

Advanced Background Checks is a people search site that publishes your personal information – like your name, address, phone number, email, aliases, and possible relatives and associates – on their site for free. 

The site also includes sponsored links to more detailed background reports (with information such as court records, social media, etc.) from other data brokers. While these require a monthly subscription, “special limited time offers” mean that anyone can get your full details for as little as $1. 

To stop others from finding your personal information on Advanced Background Checks, you need to complete an opt-out request. Below, we show you how. 

DeleteMe’s Opt-Out Review   

To remove yourself from AdvancedBackgroundChecks, you must complete an online opt-out form. After that, you will need to click on a confirmation link in your email, and then your information will be removed within 24 hours. 

Speed: 2 Difficulty: 1

AdvancedBackgroundChecks Listing Removal Walkthrough

Opt out from Advanced Background Checks in six easy steps. 

1. Locate the opt-out form on the Advanced Background Checks website

Go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Click “Do Not Sell My Personal Information.” This will bring you to the Advanced Background Checks opt-out page ( 

2. Enter your email and click the captcha to start your removal request 

Enter an email address to be used by AdvancedBackgroundChecks to confirm the opt-out request (we recommend using a temporary email address). 

Complete the captcha and click “Begin Removal Process.”

Advanced Background Checks record removal request

3. Type in your personal details

Perform a search using your first and last name, city/state or zip code, and age.

Advanced Background Checks record removal search

4. Find your profile

Locate the profile you wish to remove and click “View Details.” 

Advanced Background Checks profile

5. Remove your record

Click “Remove My Record.”

Advanced Background Checks profile and "Remove my record" button

A message saying that a confirmation email was sent to you will appear on the screen. 

Advanced Background Checks record removal request - confirmation email sent

6. Confirm removal request through email

You will receive an email asking you to confirm your opt-out request. 

Confirm the request by clicking the “Click here to remove” button.

Advanced Background Checks removal email confirmation link

Your profile should be removed from Advanced Background Checks within 24 hours.

Who Else Is Selling Your Info? 

You’ve completed your Advanced Background Checks opt-out, but Advanced Background Checks is just one of many data brokers selling your personal details online. Learn more about data brokers in our data broker guide

Follow our data broker opt-out guide to see a list of other data brokers and people search sites you should remove your personal information from. Some of our most popular guides to date include:

Alternatively, subscribe to DeleteMe to get your personal information removed from these and other data broker sites for you. 

AdvancedBackgroundChecks Opt Out FAQs

Here are some common questions that people have about Advanced Background Checks.

What is Advanced Background Checks?

Advanced Background Checks is a free people search site that lets you find personal information about people, like their contact details. You only need a person’s name, phone number, address, or email address to get this information. 

Advanced People Search provides some data, like aliases, past addresses, and who the person is related to, for free. 

For more thorough information, like the person’s background report, the site includes sponsored links to other data brokers where you can access a person’s current home address and phone number, social media, criminal records, and more for a monthly subscription fee. However, with a “special limited-time offer,” pretty much anyone can get these details for just $1.

According to Advanced Background Checks, potential use cases for its services include locating extended or distant family, seeing where your old classmates are now, and reconnecting with friends. 

However, with no vetting process for people who want to buy from Advanced Background Checks, the personal information that appears on Advanced Background Checks and other data brokers can also be used for more nefarious purposes, like stalking, harassment, identity theft, doxing, targeted social engineering attacks, etc. 

How do I remove my name from Advanced Background Checks?

To remove your name from Advanced Background Checks:

  1. Locate the opt-out form on the AdvancedBackgroundChecks site (
  2. Enter your email, click the captcha, and start your removal request.
  3. Type in your details.
  4. Find your profile.
  5. Click “Remove My Record.”
  6. Confirm your removal request.

How does Advanced Background Checks site get my information? 

Advanced Background Checks get most of their information from public records, like any other data broker. They also collect data from public sources such as social media. 

Is Advanced Background Checks legit?

Advanced Background Checks legitimately gives access to basic personal information for free and links to paid background reports. 

However, the information it provides (and the data that appears in background reports) isn’t always accurate. Around 40% of personal information on data broker sites is incorrect or no longer correct. 

Read about why incorrect data on data broker sites can be dangerous in a previous issue of our leading privacy newsletter Incognito. 

How long does it take for Advanced Background Checks to remove your information? 

After you complete your opt-out request, Advanced Background Checks should remove your personal information from its site in about 24 hours. 

Where can I find Advanced Background Checks opt-out form?

To find Advanced Background Checks opt-out form, go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the website footer. There, you will see “Do Not Sell My Personal Information.” Click on it. This will bring you to the Advanced Background Checks opt-out page ( 

What is Advanced Background Checks customer service number?

Advanced Background Checks customer service number is (406) 206-6446. You can also contact them using their online form, which you’ll find here:

If you want to remove your personal information from Advanced Background Checks, you can do so without contacting their customer service. Instead, go to their online opt-out form here: You can follow our step-by-step guide for instructions on how to remove your name from Advanced Background Checks. Or, subscribe to our data broker removal service, and we’ll do it for you. 

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