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MyLife Refuses to Remove My Information

February 20, 2024

Not all data brokers honor people’s opt-out requests. After coming across the question, “MyLife refuses to remove my information. What can I do?” over and over again, we decided to create this guide. In it, we discuss what your next steps should be when trying to get this data broker to stop selling your personal data.

Help! MyLife Refuses to Remove My Information

The data broker MyLife has a simple opt-out process, but completing it doesn’t always seem to be enough for them to take your profile down. 

Internet users have been complaining about this data broker company and their lack of response to opt-out requests for years, as this example from a Reddit user demonstrates.

Reddit question - MyLife refuses to remove personal information

In our 10+ years of submitting opt-out requests to data brokers on behalf of DeleteMe customers, we’ve noticed an occasional lack of compliance at MyLife. While the vast majority of MyLife opt-out requests we make are satisfied immediately, a small minority are not, requiring us to follow up with the company. 

How do they get away with this? MyLife likes to claim that the data they have about you is public information, which is technically true. 

However, considering that most data brokers remove people’s information upon request and, perhaps most frustratingly, that most people’s opt-out requests are honored by MyLife without issue, this justification doesn’t hold up well. 

It can be especially annoying if MyLife refuses to remove your data when the information they have about you isn’t even correct.

Reddit post - MyLife refuses to remove inaccurate profile

MyLife’s history of not treating consumers well has caused them some financial headaches. In 2021, the company agreed to pay $21 million in consumer redress for not complying with the Federal Trade Commission Act (FTC Act), the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR), and the Restore Online Shoppers Confidence Act (ROSCA). The lawsuit primarily stemmed from MyLife falsely implying that consumers had criminal records that could only be seen if a subscription to their service was purchased. 

If MyLife is refusing to honor your opt-out request, don’t give up. Instead, try the steps below to get your profile removed from MyLife. 

In our experience of requesting data removal from the company, perseverance does pay off.

4 Things to Try If MyLife Refuses to Remove Your Information

Try the following steps to remove your personal information from MyLife if it refused your initial request. 

1. Contact MyLife

If MyLife refused your opt-out request, your first step should be to send them an email requesting that they remove your personal information, along with a link to the profile you’d like removed from their database. 

Reddit post suggesting OP email MyLife about profile removal

For added gravitas, you can include a reason (it doesn’t have to be true) as to why you want your profile removed from MyLife, as shown below.

Example email to MyLife regarding opt out request

Note that some people have had their first email request rejected but have had success with getting their profile taken down by following up with a second email.

Reddit post about being persistent when emailing MyLife

It can also be helpful to include some variation of “If you don’t remove my information as per my request, my next steps will involve my lawyer and the FCC” and “I’m keeping your email as documentation of proof of your refusal to remove my profile on your site.” 

You can also call MyLife directly at 1-888-704-1900 if you’d prefer to handle the request over the phone.

2. File a FTC and BBB complaint

If MyLife still refuses to remove your information, we suggest filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

According to some users, this has the potential to prompt MyLife to take down your profile – fast. 

Reddit post about filing a FTC and BBB complaint against MyLife to have profile removed

3. Check your state’s privacy laws

You may be eligible for a legal remedy against MyLife, depending on the state you live in. 

For example, if you live in California or Colorado, there are consumer protection laws that give you the right to remove your personal information from data brokers. Moreover, California residents will have additional protection in the form of the California Delete Act starting in 2026.

4. Subscribe to a data broker removal service

If you’re still not having any luck with opting out of MyLife, you can try subscribing to a data broker removal service like DeleteMe.

Our privacy experts will send opt-out requests to MyLife and other data brokers on your behalf to ensure that your data gets removed, and we’ll do so for as long as needed. 

Keeping on Top of Data Brokers 

Unfortunately, there are dozens of difficult data brokers out there, meaning you could run into a similar situation again. 

Just the same, it’s important to opt out of data brokers and people search sites to stay private online. Remember that you’ll need to check the sites you opted out from again in the future (MyLife included) in the event that your profile gets reactivated due to fresh information about you turning up online. 

For this reason, it’s a good idea to have a regular data broker opt-out routine or subscribe to a data broker removal service like DeleteMe that can opt you out of data brokers continuously. 

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